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Why gold jewelry continues to be the most popular form of jewelry

Gold is considered to be one of the most precious and expensive metals used in jewelry making. Gold jewelry has become the most sought after jewelry item. In ancient times, it was used as a symbol of power and status. With the passage of time, as jewelry became a statement of fashion, it became too the symbol of one??s classy taste. A lot of people today take pride in exhibiting their collection of Gold jewelry on different sort of occasions.

Gold is one such thing that has not lost its worth rather it??s on the rising ramp since the day it was found out. Nowadays, body jewelry is gaining popularity amongst the masses. And gold has become the most desired metal for this purpose.

Many types of stone are being used with gold. Stones of different colors and different shapes used craftily with gold turn out to be a ravishing display of grandeur and elegance.

Another advantage of this metal is that after some time, it can be molded in a new design. Gold can be burnt down to form a whole new thing. So in a way, it can change its form with the changing demands of fashion.

But one has to be apprehensive a bit because many false versions of this metal are there to be fool people. One comes to know after some time that the piece of gold jewelry is in fact not gold at all. This is a cheaper form of gold that is absolutely not the real gold.
It would be some mediocre metal with gold plated covering. It is bound to show its original worth after the lapse of some time.

With the changing trends of fashion, jewelry trends also keep on changing.

But gold based jewelry never seems to be out of fashion. It is there to suit the special demands of the special occasions. In the sub continent, gold has been awarded an extra special value and importance. The bridal jewelry is thought to be in complete with out a gold jewelry set.

The colors of the bridal dress are matched with the colors of the main jewelry set. The bridal jewelry set is usually an amalgamation of Gold and different stones to go with the dress.

All that glitters is definitely not gold. Gold has that supreme characteristic of its own which no other metal can match.


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