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How To Measure Your Foot For The Correct Shoe Size

A step by step guide to measuring your feet for correct size, support and comfort. It is essential to get the correct size for proper fit before you purchase your "brand new shoes". Think of your shoes as a new best friend and, walking in them daily, they will become your close friend. With proper fit they can become your favorite pair of shoes! Your new shoes will take you all around town, or just feeling good when you kick back in your hammock.

Let's that we can get those new shoes on you. For at home measurements: Step 1. First gather your supplies.

Some tape, a piece of paper larger than your foot, a pencil, and a ruler or measuring tape. Taping the piece of paper, at the corners, to a flat, hard surface on floor. Now you're ready to measure.

Step 2. Trace the outline of your foot. Some people have feet that do swell especially in the evening after standing on them for long periods of time.

Because of this we recommend measuring your foot in the evening to allow for comfort and ample room. Trace your feet without shoes, just with socks like you may be wearing with the shoes you will be buying. Place foot firmly on the floor with your leg slightly forward and your shin just in front of your ankle.

Using your pencil, trace the outline of your foot on the paper. Hold your pencil straight up and down as you do this. Make sure the pencil is firmly against your foot as you trace around it. It can be helpful to have someone else do the tracing, but you can do this yourself. Step 3. Marking the length and width of your foot.

Using your pencil, draw a straight line from top to bottom of the outline of your foot. That is your length. Then from side to side at the widest part of the outline, draw another straight line for your width.

Step 4. Measuring the length of your foot. Using your measuring tape or ruler, measure from the bottom to the top of your outline. For inches use the closest 16th inch mark when measuring. Don't round up or down as this will affect the fit of new shoes. Write your length measurement at the top of the outline.

Step 5. Measuring the width of your foot. Some people will need a narrow shoe while others need wide shoe. Measure the width of your foot with your tape measure or ruler from left side to the right of the widest part of the outline. Find the mark that is to the closest 16th inch here as well.

Write this number to the side of your foot outline. Step 6. Finding your final shoe size. Repeat these steps for the other foot and go with the larger of the two. After your numbers are written down, you will want to subtract 2 tenths of an inch from each of the numbers to allow for the slight space between your actual foot and the line made when tracing your foot with the pencil. These final numbers are your actual foot measurements and can be converted to your appropriate size and width.

You are now on your way to getting a correct fitting, comfortable, quality pair of shoes! Enjoy them! Take care of your new shoes and they can last you for many good years.

Gregg Hall is a consultant for online and offline businesses and lives in Navarre Florida. .Get your brand name shoes at

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