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What Microdermabrasion Can Do For You

There are many benefits of using microdermabrasion to beautify your skin and complexion. Firstly, the treatment is not painful, unlike the technique from which it evolved from; dermabrasion. This method cleans the skin by using irritant, metallic agents, microdermabrasion uses a less invasive applicant to do the same job of clearing skin blemishes.

The second microdermabrasion benefit, is that it does not use irritant chemicals, knives, or high-tech lasers to do its job! Thus, is reduces the risks, anxiety and recovery time compared to other techniques which do exploit these invasive procedures. If you did not already know, microdermabrasion uses special mixtures of creams that are combined with miniscule abrasive crystals that massage your skin to remove dead skin cells on the stratum corneum (upper-most layer of skin), revealing fresh, healthier skin cells beneath. While feeling like a massage, instead of a painful procedure such as dermabrasion, microdermabrasion removes pores, blackheads, acne, scarring, stretch marks and many more types of skin blemishes easily. Not only can microdermabrasion benefits be experienced in a medical clinic, but at home too, with specially designed home systems and machines that are easy to use and specially designed even for those who have never used dermabrasion techniques before. Because of this, microdermbrasion is quick and you can choose whenever you want it; and because of the lack of side-effects, you do not have to worry about it affecting your work or daily schedule! For more information about these packages, ask your local clinic or health centre. Another problem that many people complain of is whether microdermabrasion will cost too much.

Surely all of these benefits must come with a disadvantage; that being a massive price tag, right? Wrong! Microdermabrasion is only a portion of the cost of undertaking cosmetic surgery or other skin treatments. Home systems can be yours for only around $30; and professional spas and health clinics offer top quality microdermabrasion treatments for around $100-150. Much, much less than the thousands you would have to dish out for other treatments.

In conclusion, microdermabrasion is cheap, efficient, painless and has very few side-effects compared to other skin treatments. This is a treatment I would highly recommend to the experienced, and novices in skin blemish removal; it is one of the most innovative and effective techniques available on the market! Further, if you are considering microdermabrasion as an option, there are over three different application methods you can use.

Asanka Samaranayake (BSc Hons Neuroscience) and Darren Patten (Bsc Hons Surgery & Anaesthesia)have a specialist interest in microdermabrasion and provide you with an indispensable resource at Microdermabrasion Info. Net

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