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Treatments For Female Hair Loss

Hair loss in females is much more common than one might think. Female pattern hair loss is often referred to as female pattern alopecia. The hair loss may often be only partial much like that seen in male pattern baldness.

Female pattern hair loss is most often seen after women reach menopause and may affect up to one third of women prone to this disorder. The thinning tends to be gradual in onset. Genetically the hair loss can come from either side of the family. The pattern of female hair loss is usually a gradual thinning of the hair by hairs falling out and being replaced by progressively shorter hairs, leading to a large degree of thinning or complete baldness in the affected area. The most common area of the head affected by female baldness is both the front and top of the head, with the potential effect being quite dramatic and devastating to many. Though the hair loss occurs most commonly after menopause, you can have hair loss after pregnancy or following the discontinuation of birth control pills and it may occur as early as puberty.

There are even cases in which female pattern hair loss can occur in relation to illness or severe psychological stress. The hair loss related to illness or stress may be temporary and hair growth may return without intervention. However, this can take some time to happen. Treatment typically involves the use of Rogaine (minoxidil) which is the only FDA medication currently approved for female hair loss. It is a topical application to the skin done on a regular basis.

Propecia is reported to be ineffective in women. Another medication, Aldactone, may help many women but takes to time to begin working and is most effective for those that have hair loss beginning before menopause. Some hormone replacement pills have been seen to be effective following menopause.

Hair transplant is also an option in some women. The downside of treatment is that it doesn't always deliver results. Many cosmetic alternatives have been developed such as perms and dying that attempt to negate the appearance of lost or thinning hair.

Hair extensions and high-quality wigs are also making improvements and have become quite a realistic-looking choice for the woman suffering from hair loss. If you are experiencing this problem, research your various options before committing to any particular solution that is right for you.

You can find additional hair loss tips at: Hair Loss News. There are many options for female hair loss treatment at http://Hair-Loss.Teach2.Us

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