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Travel Clothing What to Take and Not Take

If you get the chance to travel abroad, I highly recommend you take it with gusto. Of course, there is the practical issue of what to take with you on the trip. While you might be tempted to pack the kitchen sink, don't. The number one rule to abide by is to know the place you are going.

Not the destination, the climate. If you are going to Alaska, pack warm. If you are going to be hopping from island to island in Hawaii, your wardrobe should be a tad lighter. If it is going to be wet at your destination, take a black or dark rain coat. Don't pay extra for wrinkle free coats. You really don't need this benefit.

Why? You are going to be standing in the rain! While you are probably not going to run into friends or family abroad, you don't want to be a fashion nightmare. To avoid such problem, try to pack one color of clothing along with some neutral colors like black. It might not look great, but it won't look terrible. You have undoubtedly thought about how you will carry valuables such as cash and your passport. There are a variety of approaches, but don't wear a fanny pack.

Fanny packs scream "steal me" to thieves. To save space when packing, roll up the various things you are taking. Another approach is to use one of those bags you can suck the air out of with your vacuum. You can really pack a lot of stuff in a small space for long trips when using them.

Safari vest are used frequently by travelers and for sale just about everywhere. Okay, they are pretty ugly, but they are definitely a good practical item. Make sure you get zippers on the pockets so nothing falls out and nobody picks any valuables from them. You will rarely be doing your own laundry on the trip. In many parts of the world, laundry service comes with even the cheapest hotel. The quality of that service is usually good, but make sure to pack clothes that don't require specific care.

When it comes to shirts, I am a big fan of polo shirts for both men and women. Why? Well, they are as easy to wear as t-shirts, but slightly formal enough that you don't look like you are completely dirt bagging your way across whatever country you are in! When packing for your trip, don't get stressed out or worked up. Take the basics and you will be fine. Remember, the trip is about having fun and experiencing a new world, not your clothes.

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