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The Pocket Watch Sophisticated And Functional

One item of jewelry that you will not find many men wearing anymore is the pocket watch. This type of watch was a favored accessory of men decades ago but it is not seen as often as it once was. A pocket watch is a sophisticated yet functional piece of jewelry. It allows the owner the opportunity to discreetly check the time along with adding a certain flair to any outfit that it is paired with.

Women certainly enjoy seeing an attractive man glancing at his pocket watch while wearing a crisp business suit. Most men will remember seeing a pocket watch in the hand of their grandfather or father. There was a time when men did not even consider wearing a wrist watch. Those were saved for the delicate arms of women, while men choose the solid look of a gold or silver pocket watch. Today you can still find antique pocket watches in many different places.

These are the preferred choice of not only collectors but also men who want to incorporate a piece of history into their wardrobes. Many jewelry dealers have one or two for sale. If you do decide to purchase an antique one ensure that it is in running order. You can also purchase newer versions of this standard favorite. These are popular with the younger set as they fashion them onto a gold or silver chain and leave them dangling out of their jeans or trouser pockets. In this case you will not often see the youngster looking at the watch, they consider it much more a fashion accessory and most of us are familiar with how unimportant time is to a teenager.

A pocket watch makes an ideal gift for any man. For the groom it is a lovely gift from his bride to be. This is especially true if the back of the watch is engraved with the names of the happy couple along with their wedding date. If the groom already owns a pocket watch he might want to consider giving them as gifts to his attendants. Again he may consider engraving the individuals name and the date of the wedding on the back.

Retirement is an important and very exciting time in the life of any man. Giving him a pocket watch is a special gesture. It not only shows him that you wish to commemorate his special day but it also shows him that his time is now his own. He will cherish it as a reminder of all of the years he worked to reach this point in his life. A young man might also enjoy receiving one for a birthday gift. When a child is just learning to tell time they might find wearing a watch a bit uncomfortable.

When you give a small boy an inexpensive pocket watch it shows him that you believe that he is old enough to take care of it. It also encourages him to check the time often.

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