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Tall Plus Size Clothing Finally Some Options

If you are plus size and also a tall woman, when it comes to clothes shopping, you probably feel like a minority. There are lots of clothing choices for plus size women and some specialty stores carry tall women's clothing, but put the two combinations together and your choices are limited. Here are a couple of clothing stores options for the tall plus size woman: 1.

Fashion Bug carries a few tall plus size pants in inseams up to 35 inches long. Fashion Bug has a special department for tall plus size clothing including jeans, career pants and tall leggings. 2.

A great option for the tall plus size woman, is Custom Made Clothing. Land's End is a great choice as you can get custom sized clothing in jeans, chinos and dress shirts. You specify the inseam length up to 40 inches long. You can also get your pants with or without a cuff. They also offer many style choices such as natural or relaxed fit, different waist style choices and flat front or pleated front. Their custom department makes it easy to get pants exactly the way you want them.

I have used this option for both shirts and chinos and have been satisfied. 3. has some tall plus size clothing and they even offer designer jeans by "Seven for All Mankind" with inseam lengths to 33 inches.

Avenue has other tall plus size pants with inseams to 34 inches. If you are a tall plus size woman, you may have to search a little longer to find clothing that is long enough, but the good news is that there are more options available today than ever.

Visit Tall Clothing Mall at - a great resource for tall men and tall women looking for tall clothing,plus size clothing,big and tall clothing, tall maternity, and large size shoes. This website was created by Krista Mayne, after she became frustrated by the amount of time she spent trying to find tall clothing.

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