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Several Trendy Scarf Fashion Tips

You want to look good and feel good. You also want to make a statement about who you are. To be truly in fashion this fall and winter season, you will want to add a few scarves to your wardrobe. Scarves are great fashion accessories this year.

not just because they are popular, but because they allow you to follow the trends with your wardrobe without buying new clothes every time the trends change. You should have a few high quality essentials in your closet and you should add accessories to them (like scarves or ties, for example) that are trendy. That way, you can be in fashion without spending an arm and a leg with every fad. Here are some scarf buying tips for you.

When considering color, think about what goes well with your skin type as well as your coat. It's hard to balance the two but you want to find something that looks good with both. Otherwise, it can clash with one or the other and bring down your whole wardrobe. When pairing scarves with coats, think about putting together opposites: Coarser and thicker coats with smoother and thinner scarves, or thinner coats with coarser scarves. One outfit that can look really good is the leather jacket with the thick white scarf.

This is a great look for a guy or a girl. Be careful about how long the scarf is. Neither guys nor girls should find a scarf that is too long in this look. Shorter scarves are better here. Another outfit that can look really good with a scarf is a man's suit - especially the increasingly rare three piece suit. A cashmere scarf and a wool trench coat on top can look really good.

Pair a green scarf with a black suit and a red or orange scarf with a blue suit and think about a blue scarf with a gray suit. On the slopes, a really popular look is the thick hand knit wool sweater and it can look good with a brightly colored scarf. This scarf can be fairly long and simply wrapped around the neck for warmth during those chilly blasts down the hill. If you like to wear jeans and a three quarter length leather jacket, a scarf can look great, provided that it is a medium or short scarf.

Both men and women can wear bold colored scarves but women can get away with wearing bold colors that are brighter while men may want to wear bold colors that are more subdued. Be careful of the multi-colored scarf. Make sure that the pattern is repeating and that you're wearing one of the colors elsewhere in your outfit. The rainbow scarf your well-meaning aunt knit you may not stand up to fashionable use. Scarves can make a great addition to any outfit.

Use this article to help you put together some great fall and winter outfits.

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