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Productive Jewelry Designers Create Art Deco Designs

Art deco was a very innovative period in design history, many different materials were used to create a unique look which reflected the new times that we were all in. Art Deco is from the 20's and 30's, these are the times when you would of seen jazz, the flapper and the start of the machine age. Engagement rings made of aquamarine and other exotic stones were popular during this time. Different Materials Used These were times of great excitement, you could wear beautiful pieces of jewelry that were created from a number of different materials.

These materials were not used to make jewelry before this time. Popular jewelry materials during this time included: - Plastic - Chrome - Steel - Precious metals - Stones - Semi precious gems Precious metals and gems were commonly mixed with the newer materials to create unique looking art deco themed jewelry The art deco period inspired costume jewelry. This uses non-precious materials such as base metal and gems. Many important jewelry designers actually stared in this period to, including Elsa Shiaparella, Rene Lalique, Paul Emile Brant and most importantly Coco Chanel. Just because the materials used in art deco jewelry were cheaper it certainly didn't mean the actual cost of such a piece would be any cheaper. The same is true today, art deco jewelry can e quite expensive.

Exotic And Futuristic Influences Many jewelry designers have been influenced by different cultures all around the world. In particular ancient Egypt, eastern, and African cultures have influenced modern jewelry designs. Other popular designs for art deco jewelry were floral designs, machines and anything to do with the future.

You can normally identify art deco pieces of jewelry by simply looking at the geometric design. Some art deco jewelry is extremely beautiful, while others can look ridiculous. The plastic badges with faces and moving eyes were popular, however they look very silly nowadays! The home of Art Deco is Paris, its considered an art and started there.

The name actually comes from an event held there in 1925 which was the Exposition des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Moderns. This set new trends for the design of jewelry. The art deco designers had the freedom to experiment with different designs, and different materials to produce jewelry designs. These designs were so popular that they continue to influence the designs today.

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