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Low Cost Dental Implants

Dental implants are a revolutionary development in terms of dental technology and are giving more and more people a reason to smile! Unfortunately due to the high cost of dental implants, they are still not accessible to many who could benefit tremendously from them. From the time dental implant surgery is undertaken until its final restoration is a period of three months to a year. The patient is billed according to how many implants are put into his/her mouth and the kind of restoration that is done at the end. Depending on the patient, the fees can run anywhere from $1,000 to as much as $25,000.

The most readily undertaken dental implant surgery ranges from $850 to $3,500. A single implant will cost a patient less money than a need for many. To give an example, the replacement of one tooth by way of a dental implant costs approximately the same as a dental bridge does. Patients who require bone grafting will pay more than those who do not. The prices for dental implants vary greatly from country to country (and sometimes from dentist to dentist).

For these reasons it is essential for a patient to do his or her research before committing to a particular dental procedure. Some insurance plans cover part of dental implants but not all, while other companies class the surgery as strictly cosmetic and do not cover the procedure at all. There are many people who have no insurance coverage whatsoever. For all of the above reasons, many individuals seek low cost dental implants but don't want to sacrifice good work for cheaper prices.

One option is to find out whether or not payment plans are available with the dentists in your local area. Often this is the case as many dentists realize that why most people value their teeth, it is often not their number one priority. Payment plans can offer flexibility to those who need it most.

Most will offer a monthly plan but if you preferred to pay bi-weekly this could probably be worked out as well. Check into this before making a final decision. If low cost dental implants are something you seek then the best place to look is at one of the many dental clinics scattered throughout the country. These charitable dental clinics are staffed by students in their latter stages of training to be qualified dentists, and they are both assisted and supervised in their work by professional and experienced dentists. They offer their dental services based on how much money a patient earns on a yearly basis. However many of these clinics have long waiting lists due to the modest fees they charged their patients.

As well, many of these charitable clinics are only open on specific days (for example Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and may not have evening or weekend hours. Many of these dental clinics do not provide emergency care and only accept patients from the local community and not from afar. While many of these charitable clinics do routine dental work such as cleanings, fillings, dentures, partials and extractions, some may or may not offer dental implants as a procedure.

However there are some that offer this service so take the time to find out. Many people travel outside of the United States in order to find low cost dental implants. However the extra cost for travel and miscellaneous expenses may or not be something many people can undertake.

Still others decide to forego conventional dental implants and instead opt for single day implants (or a procedure known as denture stabilization). These mini-implants can be placed in the mouth at a fraction of the cost of more traditional ones and take only a few short hours to complete. Denture stabilization (as the name implies) serves to "stabilize" a denture or other prosthetic device in order to effectively have it stay in the place it is meant to stay in.

Gary Stephens runs an informational site on Dental Implants for all those interested in the process to find out valuable information on this increasingly popular procedure. For more information see Dental Implants

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