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Lipstick to Lipsense

Lipsense is truly a phenomenal invention for women's lips. It is no ordinary lipstick. It's made up of special form of ingredients. It makes the lips look glossy, shiny and also glittering.

There are different kinds of lipsense. Each of them is made for different kinds of body natures and climatic conditions. As we know there are different kinds of condition, which make lips, dry, hard, soft etc.

Lipsense can be used for any kind of these scenarios unlike lipsticks. Lipsense comes in bottles as well as in cylinders as per the convenience of the customers. As women have different tastes, so we get a wide range of options in Lipsense. Lipsense can be used not only for the make up but also as a medicine. This is because the ingredients that go in to the making of lipsense do have medical values.

The ingredients that are used to make lipsense are aloe, glycerin, and vitamin E. The basic quality of vitamin E is healing of the cracks at a faster pace, which is a major advantage of lipsense. The spark ness and the glow, which we get with the usage of both lipstick and lip-gloss, can be seen by only using lipsense. One more advantage of lipsense is even after having a swim or a bath it remains the same and glorious.

When it comes to usage on an average we can use a bottle of lipsense for a minimum of three months. Initially for the first time when we use lipsense it burns and that's only because of our lips and going forward it will not remain. It's made in such a way that it will last for 4 to 12 hours. For best results apply and to have a great look it can be used 3 to 4 times a day. And as said there will be no side effects for the usage of this. It even doesn't spoil the color of your teeth as well as it will not stick to your teeth.

We can comfortably have food even with lipsense on lips and will not have any inconvenience. Lipsense needs to be applied with lip liner, which will give an added look for it. It is lips stain with smear proof, smudge proof, waterproof, kiss proof so that is the reason it is the best choice for all Hollywood actresses.

Starter set includes a lip color of your choice, gloss of your choice and a remover.

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