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LED PhotoRejuvenation for Acne Skin Care

Many are discovering the amazing value and benefits of LED based skin care treatment and photo rejuvenation. Recent developments have resulted in LED based acne relief for people seeking cutting edge technologies in the area of acne treatment products. What acne sufferers are finding are devices utilizing the familiar red and infrared LED lights which are great for advanced skin care and skin rejuvenation but in addition to these they're seeing blue lights added to the mix in the more effective devices. So why blue lights? Well it has been discovered that certain kinds of blue lights have the ability to create minute amounts of free radicals.

I know, I know, at this point your saying to yourself "Wait a second, free radicals?" "Aren't I supposed to be doing everything I can to eliminate free radicals?" and my answer to that question is yes. However the free radicals being created in this case seem to have the ability to kill those nasty bacteria that lead to skin blemishes and acne. Now if a LED based acne skin care device contained only blue lights that could be a problem because while the new free radicals could help with the acne they could also be having an ill effect on the skin. Here is where the use of red and infrared lights comes in.

These lights will simultaneously help soothe the acne blemishes, while at the same time, helping to rejuvenate the skin in the process. What a great acne skin care product! Now you can see the logic used by the developers of the LED based acne skin care devices that contain multiple colors of light, like red, infrared and blue. I'd say they're pretty smart.

Dr. Stanley Stanbridge is a graduate of the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. He has always been actively seeking out new and innovative technologies related to the field of alternative healthcare. He began investigating the benefits of light therapy in 2003 and went on to co-develop the revolutionary LightStim photo rejuvenation device. For more information please visit

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