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I Have Oily Skin Sort Of

You have oily skin, and yet you do not. It is the age old dilemma of what we have now labeled as combination skin. Your skin has become oily in certain areas, but other areas remain dry.

You are now faced with not one, but two different skin types rolled up into one. What will work on dry skin will not necessarily be the best choice, and the same can be said for treatments for oily skin. So with dry skin flaking and your oily skin causing sore blemishes, what do you do? First of all, stop stressing.

Stress will only aggravate any skin condition you have, so it is important for you to accept your skin type, take a deep breath, and learn the ways of taking care of your oily areas as well as your dry areas. Gauge your level of oiliness and dryness and decide how severe each one is. If one is more severe than the other, for example, your T zone is extremely oily but your cheeks are not too dry at all, then you do not have as much to worry about concerning the dry skin and can put more of your focus on taking care of the oily areas. Combination skin will give you both oily and dry skin, but in different areas of your face. The most common areas of oily skin will be in your T zone.

This area refers to your forehead, nose, and chin, which leaves your cheeks as the bearers of dry skin. However, as combination skin means you can have a combination of skin types, you may have oiliness and normal skin, which is skin that smooth and needs less attention. Just because oily skin and dry skin often come in the T zone format, this does not mean you will be experiencing the same thing. Everyone has different skin needs, but when it comes to treating your skin, all you need to do is pay attention to the different types, how extreme the specific areas are in terms of oiliness and dryness, and look into what may be causing the excessive oiliness or dryness.With the right skin care products, taking care of your skin should not be much of a problem and you may soon find a balance between your oily areas and dry areas.

Always cleanse first. Your entire face will need a good wash before you put any other products on it. Be sure to choose a cleanser that will be a good balance for your skin.

You do not want all the oils to be completely stripped from your face, as your skin will only make more, and your dry skin most certainly does not need any more moisture taken from it. Always pat your skin dry to keep at least some of your natural oils on your face. Moisturize the dry areas of your face, but do not buy anything too oily and do not use too much. Excess oils and moisture on your face will tend to migrate to other areas, so keep it light and away from your oily areas.

You can opt to use a mask treatment for your oily areas a few times a month, or however often you find is necessary to help ease the amount of oil your skin is producing. There are different types of masks, so if you have blemish prone oily skin areas, you may want to try a medicated mask. If not, you can use a basic mask to help soak up excess oil. Avoid using astringents on your face, but you can use a lesser form of toner, such as skin fresheners or tonics.

This way even if the liquid gets onto dry areas of your face, the results will not be very dramatic in terms of more dryness. Also, do not forget the importance of eating right, exercising, and staying hydrated. These three things will improve your skin as a whole and can help balance out some of the problems your body may be experiencing, which may be leading to excess oil or dryness.

Give your skin the right love and it will eventually come to love you back.

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