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Guide To Zoom Teeth Whitening System

Whenever our teeth get discolored, our basic esthetic sense demands that we bring it back to its original pearl-white condition. There are many ways for doing that. Some of these are natural methods, some of these are with the use of certain chemicals which often are not safe, and yet others which are practiced and recommended by the dentists themselves. One such excellent method is the Zoom teeth whitening system.

The Zoom teeth whitening system along with the BriteSmile teeth-whitening product are some of the best there are in the market. Each one of these systems has a particular range of function and hence, they are not exactly competitors since each has its own niche in the market. Whether the person will use the BriteSmile of the Zoom, depends upon the perception of the dentist.

It is he/she who will recommend which one of these brands would actually suit the patient teeth best. How it Works The Zoom teeth whitening system contains 25 percent hydrogen peroxide and a pH level of 7.5-8.5. The process of teeth whitening is very simple.

There is the gel that has to be applied on the teeth, both upper and lower jaws at the same time. Once this is done, an accelerator will be applied at each sitting. In total there would be three sittings. The Zoom teeth whitening system used an activation range of 350-400 mn.

If the wavelength does not match to these specifications, then the activation would not be optimal and the results would suffer. Hence, utmost care should be taken at the range of the wavelength and the rest of the prescribed procedure. Heat will be produced during this treatment and hence one should be prepared with an infrared filter to reduce it to some extent.

The treatment's duration is similar to that of the BriteSmile system, i.e. about 90 minutes broken into three 20-25 minutes active sessions and the rest of the time with post procedure treatment. Both the Zoom teeth whitening system and the BriteSmile are excellent in their delivery process. After you use either of these systems, you will be delighted with the results.

In case you are among those people who keep putting off their visit to the dentist for another day, remember the sooner you take action the sooner you will look great. There is a lot dependent upon the way you present yourself today, and discolored teeth is a great put off both socially and personally. Take action today! Be in charge of your life.

May Tan is publisher for Please visit her site for more information on zoom teeth whitening .

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