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Give Me Minutes and Ill Show You How You Can Look Better with Laser Acne Treatments

Do you have to deal with embarrassing acne? Do you feel it hurts your appearance? That your acne is the first thing people see? Well, if it's any consolation, you have company. In fact, more than 20 million of your fellow citizens suffer from acne. Fortunately, there are many treatments available, including laser acne treatments. There are many ways to fight your acne. On the most basic level, you could just go to your corner pharmacy and buy an over the counter treatment.

Or you could see a doctor and get a prescription. Both options are certainly viable, depending on the severity of your case. But have you considered acne clinics and laser acne treatments? So how do laser acne treatments work? Essentially, they work on the glands in your face that produce oil. And, if you've been fighting acne long, you know oil can cause acne. The following is to help you see what laser acne treatments look like: The first part of the appointment at acne clinics will have nothing to do with lasers. Instead there will be a topical anesthetic put on the face, where the laser acne treatments are to be done, to keep the skin from hurting during the process.

Laser treatments alone can be irritating, but with the already increased sensitivity of skin where acne is, the irritation can be even higher. Once the area for the laser acne treatments is numb, the laser will be brought in to do its job. The way it works is that the laser will apply heat to the glands in the face that are responsible for producing the oil that is causing the acne outbreaks. When the laser heats those glands, it causes them to lessen their production of oil. The less oil they make, the less severe of an acne outbreak you will have. A further benefit of laser acne treatments are the detrimental effects they have on bacteria.

Why is this good? These bacteria can cause serious acne outbreaks! You may associate acne laser treatments with other cosmetic surgeries that require time away from work to heal. But the good news is you might be able to go right back to work after treatment. Little down time! This does not mean there are not any side effects from laser acne treatments, although they are rarely severe. The most common laser side effects are swelling of the skin that was heated in the procedure as well as irritation and a feeling somewhat like being sunburned.

You would think that a procedure that works would have immediate lines from those who suffer from acne, but that is not the case yet. The reason is that the majority of insurance programs are not willing to cover laser acne treatments. It is important to note that it takes more than one trip to acne clinics to see major results from laser acne treatments. While most people who go in see some results after the first treatment, recommendations advise at least three to four sessions over three to four months to see real, lasting results.

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