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Foundation Makeup Tips Corrective Makeup Using Foundation

Choosing the right foundation is the first step to a successful makeup result. Perfect matching foundation can only be assessed by correct estimation of skin type, natural color and skin tone. Since most Caucasian, Latin, African and Asian women have yellow-based skin, they must buy foundation with a yellow base too so that it doesn't look like a mask Once you have found your perfect foundation, it is time to apply it properly. Prepare the skin so that it is in suitable condition to receive make-up: Wash your face thoroughly with face wash and fresh running water (not too cold, not too hot either), dub the face with a clean towel (never rub), then splash plenty of toner and use the right amount of moisturiser Similar to lip balm on a harsh winter day, the right foundation can act as a protective coating to help save your skin from the tough elements you face in your daily life. Sun, wind, cold weather, and other environmental components can damage your skin, but a good foundation can easily aid in preventing such damage. You will know you have chosen the best foundation when you find that the shade virtually disappears on your face.

If you still find you are stuck on foundation shades, your best option is to choose the slightly darker shade that contains yellow undertones. Choosing a foundation with a little yellow will likely help even out your facial complexion. This is because yellow based foundations work well on just about everyone. The yellow minimizes any red you may have in your skin, which may be a result of tanning, aging, or broken capillaries. If you have dry skin, go for a lighter effect with your foundation, otherwise you can accentuate the dryness of your skin. Before you apply your foundation, you should always apply a moisturizer first.

A good, lightweight moisturizer can help lock in moisture and allow for a smoother application of the foundation. Use a cosmetic sponge to apply your foundation. This will give you a smoother look and is how professional makeup artists obtain their best results. When you apply your foundation, start in the center of your cheeks and your forehead. From these places you can blend outward with the soft hairs of your face and get a smoother look and even coverage. If you find that you need more coverage, you can wait for your first application to dry and then apply another layer.

Keep your foundation with you if you find you need to reapply during the day. A great way to set your foundation and achieve a polished look is to apply loose powder with a soft brush. This is also a technique professional makeup artists use.

Forms of Makeup Foundation: * Stick Foundation: This is a cream foundation and concealer in one. It works well for normal to dry skin. It will provide more coverage and it is quick to apply. *Translucent Veil: Because of its talc-free formula, with added vitamin E and green tea antioxidants, the Translucent Veil protects skin as it works to hide blemishes and dark spots. * Liquid Foundation: Most common foundation because it works for practically everyone. Liquid foundation gives good coverage and there are many formulas to choose from.

A majority of cosmetic companies have different forms of liquid foundation for normal, dry, combination and oily. How To Apply Blusher? Use the colour on the blush area.This is the part of the face between parallel lines, one extending outward from the corner of your eye and the second from the bottom of your nose.

Smile and lightly touch the blusher brush on the fatty part of the cheek and gently brush the blusher toward the temple, making a slight curve.A touch of colour across the forehead and on the chin cometes the look.The cream rouge is applied to the cheeks with the fingertips in small amounts and spread in the desired fashion.

The powder blusher is applied with a brush.

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