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Correct Body Piercing Techniques

When somebody has a piercing that was done properly, it looks great. A pierced navel is a seductive attribute. Pierced tongues and lips are a symbol of open rebellion and piercing in other areas have their own significance. However this is only when a piercing is done properly, done improperly, a piercing can have devastating effects. Pursuing a body piercing can be a fairly involved procedure.

This is because there is an endless array of ways to do it and places to have it done as well as people who will do it for you. No longer is it only a girl who will go out and get her ears pierced. And even then they were limited to how to do it by either a lack of imagination or the simple of social pressure of the times. Presently, all sorts of people are pursuing piercing. People of all ages, social backgrounds and status.

For a myriad of reasons ranging from tribal primitive to artistic chic to simple self expression. When you are spoken to by the piercing gods and you then realize that the time has come for a piercing, you need to go speak with a professional instead of allowing an acquaintance do it for you or even worse, doing it yourself. Many piercing, when completed by a professional, is perfectly safe. Many parts of the body, however, need special attention of they're to be pierced because they can become badly damaged if pierced incorrectly. For this reason, it is important to often speak with a professional body artist when considering getting a body piercing. Body art takes on many forms and in the coming articles I'll talk about not only the various techniques of this ancient art form but also the rich history these forms have and the stature displayed that these forms displayed in their own cultures.

You will find that history often repeats itself and the tribal customs that were used to bond a community together will always reemerge through the ages and now is no different. As we become better able to communicate with any other culture anywhere else on this planet, our sense of a global community becomes more pronounced. By the same token, as we become more globally aware, we are also identifying more closely with our local cultures and what makes us inherently different. One way this manifests is through our body art, and this is manifestation of self expression is a timeless quality that bonds us through time as well as through geography.

Eric Seminara has had multiple piercings over the years and wants to share with you some helpful tips on what to look for. Learn more about body art at

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