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Breast Implants Revision Surgery and Recovery

A small percentage of women will find themselves returning to their cosmetic surgeons after their first breast augmentation. This can occur for a variety of reasons, ranging from health to personal taste. Depending on the specific revision request, you may find yourself undergoing a fairly simple procedure or a much more complex one with a significantly longer recovery period.

Health reasons, although uncommon, often send women back to the plastic surgeon. The most typical complaint and risk associated with breast implants are leaks.

Leaks can occur at any time, although they are more frequent in older implants. If you have saline breast implants, ruptures will be noticeable within a few days and fortunately pose no health risks. You will need to have a revision, however, unless you prefer the lopsided look. Saline leaks are more serious and can have damaging effects if not detected early on. Since the substance is thick, it leaks slowly.

Often the only way a women discovers the problem is through a mammogram. When a rupture occurs, the implant will have to be replaced, and regardless of your initial incision placement, it is usually done though a cut around the areola. In many instances women take the opportunity to have both implants replaced to prevent the possibility of the second implant leakage.

Another common case for revision is capsular contracture.

Capsular contraction can occur in one or both breasts with varying severity. The body tissue constricts tightly around the implant, creating an unappealing and sometimes painful squeezed appearance. There is no specific known cause for the condition, and the only way to treat it is through a revision or complete removal of the implants. Revision surgery can solve the issue, but in some cases it can return you without any change.

Many women will decide that they choose to change the size of their breast implants, either getting them larger or smaller. Smaller implants will require a complete revision and replacement, whereas increasing the size is a much simpler procedure.

Saline implants can easily be pumped full of more solution to reach the desired size.
Recovery time will vary for each procedure. A complete revision, one that includes replacement of implants, will feel very similar to the initial breast augmentation, taking one to two weeks to return to normal activities. Increasing the size or complete removal has a much faster recovery time and period of discomfort, sometimes within a matter of days the patient is well recuperated.

You may decide to choose a different plastic surgeon than the one who previously performed your primary operation. If that is the case, it is imperative that you reveal all the details of your previous procedures with him so that he may proceed with the surgery accordingly.

Remember that undergoing surgery, even if a revision carries certain risks and not all problems are guaranteed to be fixable. Discuss all possible complications with your doctor before making any decisions and be sure that your expectations of the outcome are realistic. Your positive thinking can give you satisfying results.


About the Author (text)Palmdale breast implants are a choice of many women. Unsatisfactory results after the implant surgery can be improved by the revision treatment. You can visit for more information on breast implants and its revision.

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