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Breast Implant Size Just the perfect One for Me

If you have decided to undergo a breast augmentation, size choice is probably a considerable weight on your mind. You know that, you want to enlarge your breasts, but what size implants will be the most attractive and suitable for your desires and body type? Although your friends, dear ones, family, and even cosmetic surgeon might influence you in one direction or another, it is ultimately your decision. You might want to listen and consider other peoples suggestions, but remember that its your body. By taking some time to evaluate your options and answering some key questions, you will be ready to decide, which breast implant size is right for you.

What type of body do you have?

An honest assessment of your body shape and size will help you to point in the right direction. To begin with, if you have a petite build, even a smaller implant can give the illusion of a more ample bust.

Taller women with larger frames will probably be more satisfied with a larger breast implant size. Think about your physical comfort as well. You will be adding a considerable amount of weight to your frame.

If you are very athletic, you may want to consider a smaller size or else it might interfere with your workouts. If you are very petite, then a large size might put strain on your back.

What do you find attractive?

When you look at the pictures of women, which do you gravitate towards? Do you find women with average sized breasts more attractive? Or do you think the bigger the better? What you find appealing in other women with similar body types to yours, will be a good indicator of your expectations. If you have friends who have had breast implants that you admire, you can talk to them about their experience. You can also ask your surgeon, to show you some before and after pictures of previous patients with similar body types to yours, who have undergone breast implant treatment.

What type of placement and implant shape do you want?

Its not only about size! If you prefer a certain implant placement over another, it will affect how large the breast appears. Implants placed beneath the pectoral muscle can appear smaller, so you may need a slightly larger breast implant size than you anticipated.

The shape of the implant will also influence your decision. You can choose from round or teardrop.

Teardrop is thinner at the top and then gradually gets fuller towards the bottom. Some women find this more natural. Round is the most popular and can be either high or mid profile.

The profile projection will also alter how large the implant appears.

You can also try gel inserts that can be purchased at a store or provided by your cosmetic surgeon, to see how it would feel and look. Take your time and discuss all options and queries with your surgeon. Make sure that you feel satisfied and comfortable with your final decision, regardless of other peoples opinions.


About the Author (text)When you wish to undergo a breast augmentation, choose the right breast implant size to get a natural alluring look. For detailed information on breast augmentation sizing visit which will help you make this crucial decision.

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