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All About Wrinkles And How To Avoid Them

If wrinkles were gold, we could all make easy money and probably put an end to world hunger. Unfortunately, the numerous lines that appear on your face as you age are nothing more than a constant source of irritation to those who can't accept them. Alas, nothing can be done to stop wrinkles unless you can turn back the hands of time. But there are numerous ways to prevent premature aging and look younger than your real age. If you don't want to look like a road map, here are more easy ways to keep wrinkles at bay courtesy of Dermaxin, the safe and natural non-prescription wrinkle-fighter that works better than costly anti-wrinkle injections: Be wise ? moisturize. One cause of wrinkling is dry skin.

Therefore, it makes sense to moisturize the skin. This can hide smaller wrinkles. Drinking plenty of water is also a good idea. Stop smoking.

We all know about the dangers of smoking but did you know that this bad habit can also contribute to wrinkles? Doctors say smoking causes premature wrinkles in the mouth due to constant puckering. It also interferes with the blood supply in that area that could aggravate wrinkling. Stay away from straws. Sipping your favorite drink with a straw can make you look glamorous but it has the same effect as smoking and can cause wrinkles. To prevent this, drink directly from the bottle, can or glass. Don't let the drink linger in your mouth.

Drinking water afterwards can reduce your chances of tooth decay due to the acids found in colas, non-colas, and tea drinks. "Sucking up your drinks through a straw makes you purse your lips over and over (as if smoking a cigarette) and can bring on wrinkles. It doesn't help your teeth much either. Drinking sugary drinks through a straw may save decay on your front teeth but the back ones will be badly affected," said Bella Battle in the Sun Woman Online. Sleep right.

Burning the midnight candle can make you look old so it's important to get enough sleep. However, the way you sleep can also affect your appearance. To avoid sleep wrinkles, sleep on your back and keep pillows away from your face. Pressing your face into a pillow whenever you sleep can give you wrinkles.

If you can't avoid this, use a softer pillow made of silk instead of one made of cotton. "You know those facial creases you wake up with from sleeping on your side? They could be permanent. Regularly subjecting one side of your face to such pressure can lead to wrinkles that don't budge. Sleep on your back with your face in the air to avoid puffy eyes and a lined face," Battle said.

Put on a happy face. While the link between stress and wrinkles is not clear, experience has shown us that the former can make us look older. Unhappiness, loneliness, anxiety, and depression are major stressors that can make or break you. Problems can't be avoided but learn to live with them and you'll feel much better. It will show on your face too.

To protect your skin from the ravages of time, invest in a good anti-aging cream. One popular product is Dermaxin, a safe and affordable non-prescription alternative to expensive cosmetic procedures. Dermaxin delivers dramatic and visible results without the risks involved in anti-wrinkle injections.

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