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Burberry for Dogs?
by: Natacha Bunzl

Burberry is one of the world's famous designer brands. But branded trenchcoats and sweaters for dogs? A thought that may make you raise your eyebrows!

Is today's designer fashion selling out? Despite what you might think, high-class designer labels also cater for your pets nowadays as does British luxury label Burberry who has just released their own collection of Burberry clothing for dogs. Most notable features are the famous Burberry trenchcoat for dogs as well as the Check sweater and Burberry dog leash.

Where did this trend start? The origins of dog clothing most probably came from England due to its damp and cold climate, it was very easy for smaller dogs to catch colds when they were taken out. So for a while it was not uncommon to find small dogs dressed in cover-up "raincoats" and sausaged in small waterproof capes.

But the idea of actually dressing your dog and providing them with a wardrobe only came up recently. Sparked by such celebrities as Paris Hilton and her pet chihuahua Tinkerbell as well as the successful Hollywood movie 'Legally Blonde', dressing your dog up has become the ultimate in fashion and accesorizing.

>From an alligator-skin dog collar and leash set to an elegant Burberry trench coat for dogs, shoes, t-shirts, hats and more you can find just about everything you wear yourself in 'dog sizes'. Bloomingdale's, Neiman-Marcus, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, all the biggest names in fashion have pawed their way into the very lucrative pet-accessories market, an industry that gathered an estimated $8 billion during 2004.

Though Burberry aren't the only designer label to release their own dog clothing collection, Burberry for dogs is definitely the collection with the most fashion credibility if you consider that as well as being English, and therefore well accustomed to bad weather, Thomas Burberry's initial success was for outdoor wear, trenchcoats and sweaters. Read more about Thomas Burberry.

So if you are looking to dress your dog up, think of Burberry for dogs, with their trenchcoats, leashes and custom-made sweaters, your dog will always keep warm whilst looking elegant and refined just like Burberry clothes make you feel when you wear them. It's a sweet way of extending your love for fashion to your pet.

Unfortunately, Burberry clothing for dogs are a little pricey with the Check sweater for dogs selling at $155 and only available from select Burberry stores. But why not coordinate and shop for a Burberry mesh hat, handbag or sweater for yourself online? Shops like and sell authentic Burberry clothing and accessories at lower prices than in real shops.

Happy Shopping!

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